MY name is Vincent Van Patten, I’m twenty-five-years-old, and I currently call Del Mar, California home.

I’m a writer, photographer, and co-host of The Dare to Dream Podcast. Most importantly, I’m an inspired citizen of the world. I’m fascinated by every inch of this planet and its diverse ideas. 

Since I was a kid, Ive fostered a deep appreciation for travel and finding the beating heart of every location. It comes from the foundations of any great city: the people, culture, and history.

No matter where I am, at home or on the road, it’s my passion to fill every day with exploration and creativity by writing, connecting with people and the earth, and simply being present.

I found my passion for writing on Medium.com, a platform where anybody can share their unique voice. I live to inspire others through my words and actions. I dream of living a life I truly love, day in and day out. 

That’s why one of my best friends and I created The Dare to Dream Podcast and the Dare to Dream Medium publication, because we believe every human deserves to live an inspired life. 

I write to express my perspective of daily living, from the thoughts in my head to the relationships we share as human beings. I love to write about books, life, philosophy, spirituality, self-improvement, history, and travel. I also write poetry and short stories  —  doing so soothes the soul.

I publish much of my work on my Medium publication: Vincent’s Commonplace Book. Writing helps me appreciate that we’re here together on this spinning rock with many of the same problems, victories, doubts, and blissful moments. 

I believe we’re here to challenge ourselves by questioning all we think we know. When we do, we open our minds to a way of living, we could never have imagined.

This life is a journey with no finish line in sight. I hope you’ll join me for the ride. 

Vincent’s Commonplace Book

These are my loose sheets, heartfelt stories, and field notes, exploring what it means to be alive.

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Dare to Dream

These are the stories of our universal human journey to live a life we truly love.

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