My name is Vincent Russell Van Patten, I’m twenty-six-years-old, and I currently call San Diego, California home. I’m a writer, media creator and co-host of The Dare to Dream Podcast. Most importantly, I’m an inspired citizen of our ever-changing world.

It’s my passion to fill every day with exploration and creativity no matter where I am, whether in California crafting my latest project, or on my way to discover someplace new.

I write here on my website and Medium about travel, health, books, life, philosophy, spirituality, self-improvement, and history. I also write poetry and short stories — doing so soothes the soul. I live to inspire others through my words and actions. That’s why one of my best friends and I created The Dare to Dream Podcast and the Dare to Dream Medium Publication. We believe every human deserves to live a life that lights their soul on fire.

My spirit longs to experience all the marvelous treasures of our home. The beauty and peace of the world are healing. No part of the world, no person, no experience is uninteresting. It’s a blessing just to be alive. Check out my full story here to learn more about my background in writing, my vision for the future, and the life I strive to lead. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure; it’s my mission to leave a positive impact with every step I take.

My debut book:  Arrows of Youth: A Young Man’s Inspiring Journey to Find What Lights His Soul on Fire, is a story of adventure, an ode to life — the incomprehensible, the beautiful, the painful and the meaningful. Guided by ancient wisdom, timeless stories and contemporary discussion, this book encompasses my quest to never stop asking: Why are we really here?


I hope this book inspires you. I hope it makes you think of the world and our connections as human beings in a different way. I hope it makes you stop, look around, and listen.


I hope it makes you endlessly curious about the power, the energy, and the love that you possess. I hope it provides an adventure of the spirit, a journey into the unknown, brimming with hope.