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My name is Vincent Van Patten, I’m twenty-five-years-old, and I currently call Del Mar, California home. I’m a writer, media creator, and co-host of The Dare to Dream Podcast. Most importantly, I’m an inspired citizen of our ever-changing world.

It’s my passion to fill every day with exploration and creativity no matter where I am, whether in California crafting my latest project, or on my way to discover someplace new.


Since I was a kid, I’ve fostered a deep appreciation for travel and finding the beating heart of every location. Traveling has proven to me that no matter what slice of earth we call home, we’re all human beings. We may not all share the same verbal language, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve shared extraordinary moments with strangers in foreign countries where we didn’t need to speak the same language. We communicate through love, connection, support, courage, an open mind, a smile. 

I became obsessed with writing once I graduated from college and started a blog on, a platform where anybody can share their unique voice.


I now write on my website, Medium, and News Break about travel, health, books, life, philosophy, spirituality, self-improvement, and history. I also write poetry and short stories — doing so soothes the soul.

I live to inspire others through my words and actions. That’s why one of my best friends and I created The Dare to Dream Podcast and the Dare to Dream Medium publication. We believe every human deserves to live a life that lights their soul on fire.


Something burns in me that I want to give to the world to move us forward. Writing helps me appreciate that we’re here together on this spinning rock with many of the same problems, victories, doubts, and blissful moments. I hope to be a binding light that brings people together to see the good in one another.


I want to learn about who we are and how we’ve interacted since the beginning of time. Our cultures, similarities, differences, and history derive from our relationships with one another and the earth.


My spirit longs to experience all the marvelous treasures of our home. The beauty and peace of the world is healing. No part of the world, no person, no experience is uninteresting. It’s a blessing just to be alive.

I believe we’re here to challenge ourselves by questioning all we think we know. When we do, we open our minds to a way of living we could never have imagined.

It’s time to come together as human beings. The only way forward into a brighter future is through working together to grow. I hope you’ll join me on this adventure; I hope to leave a positive impact with every step I take.

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  • When we find joy within ourselves, nothing in the world can take it from us. Based on lessons from Sadhguru and Jordan Peterson.

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