Our experiences are arrows on our backs to draw upon in the heat of life’s journey. They will always be with us. To collect arrows is to live in gratitude for every step as life unfolds.


No matter what happens, we’ll always have a quiver of experience and our spirit as a bow. Each day is a memory we get to shape and craft. We’re sharpening the arrows to stow on our backs with every second we appreciate life for the gift that it is.


The beauty of California and the Pacific Northwest serve as the backdrop of this uplifting and often humorous tale, where writer and media creator Vincent Russell Van Patten takes a solitary road trip to craft his latest arrow in the raw, open arms of nature.


Vincent draws on ancient wisdom, timeless stories, and contemporary discussion to ask the perennial questions of life at a pivotal point in human history. Through thought-provoking dialogue, you, too, will be  inspired to seek what lights your soul on fire.


Vincent’s poetry and travel photography imbue this narrative with his artistic style that makes it more than just a nonfiction novel…


Arrows of Youth is an insightful adventure, aimed to provide joy and encouragement to anybody searching for meaning.