The Pain Is the Antidote to the Journey You’re On

The pain is the antidote to the journey you’re on
When you are in pain, whether it be physical, spiritual, or psychological, know that within that pain is the antidote to the journey you’re on.

Dr. Bush said this in a tone that sounded so sincere it was as if he was looking at me in the eyes.

The antidote, the medicine that you’re seeking is inside the pain. The pain is there to take you into the present moment. The pain is only a neurological experience. It’s very temporal it only lasts a few seconds and has to keep creating itself to be present for anything more than that. But if the pain is recreating itself it is bringing attention to space within our body, specifically that holds an old injury, or an old trauma within us, typically an emotional trauma that is now leading to the pain.

I stopped walking.

Go into the pain, ask yourself, what is the emotional memory in this space? And then you know what to forgive. And as you forgive and as you replace that with gratitude, you replace that with the love that comes from seeing the beauty in it, you will not only resolve that pain, but you’ll find out why you are alive. And in that vital particle state of living, you get to experience all things.
The emotional sign of gratitude

Neuroscientist and researcher of epigenetics and quantum physics, Dr. Joe Dispenza, discusses how living in gratitude shifts our perspective from our outer environment to our internal environment.

As a guest on The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevensonhe says:

When a person starts feeling gratitude, then the emotional signature in the body is that something’s happening to them or something’s just happened to them. The moment you feel gratitude your healing begins; the moment you feel grateful for your life, your life is going to change. Now you’re causing an effect.
You won’t want to change one thing about your past
If you’re creating something new and unknown in your life it can’t come in a way that you can predict or expect. If you can predict or expect it, it is the known,

says Dr. Dispenza.

The moment you start trying to figure out how or when it’s going to happen, you’ve got in the way. But when you are open to being astonished and surprised and it comes in a way that you haven’t expected, you wake up from the dream and you go, ‘Oh my God it happened.’ And then you will look back at your entire past and you will not want to change one thing. It brought you to the present moment, that’s the moment the past no longer exists.
We are alive for this moment
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