What Would Happen if I Stopped Trying to Be Strong?

What would happen if I stopped trying to be strong?
If I admit, I don’t know when I’ll get better,
Am I wrong?
Sometimes all that I want is to just say the words I feel,
That this setback fucking sucks,
It seems impossible to heal.

Every moment, every day, every second over years,
The pain, it never leaves my mind, often brings me to tears.
I want to just scream, and be done by letting out,
No physical release, my body craves a raging shout.
It feels like I can’t think, don’t know where to find the answers,
Don’t want to numb the pain, what I have is healing prayers.

I don’t know what would happen if I stopped trying to be strong.

The pain has brought me here, with my pen upon the page,
I hear it all the time, this shouldn’t happen at your age.
It burns a hole within my chest
But it can’t get me down,
Every time I hit the floor
I get right back up off the ground.

The pain has brought me here, and for that I’m truly grateful,
Thinking deeper about myself, I have great plans when I am able,
To run a mile, swim a lap, even dunk a basketball,
Fuck it man, there’ll be no stopping me I’ll do it all.

I will be strong, I will get better, liberated from my body,
I have my mind, I have my breath, These are things they’ll never rob me.

I have the world within my grasp, and a world within my soul,
I have a life to live right now not gonna wait till I get old.
Go deep within the pain,
To find why you are alive,
I’ll try to see it too because I know we both will thrive.

Sometimes all I want to do is to stop trying to be strong.

Maybe strength would come,
From accepting what I thought was wrong.

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