These Humans Are the Light That the World Needs

AT ABOUT 9 AM, I LOOKED INTO THE SKY and noticed the moon was still visible and unusually massive as if it was hanging by strings attached to the heavens.

I thought to myself, how can we not believe in magic, a connection between our spirit and the universe, or even something more extraordinary when the moon floats over our daily lives?

It’s unfathomable to consider the greater system we’re a part of because most of the time, it’s utterly perplexing just being human. Worlds as complex as those above exist within each of us.

But there’s so much more to our existence; looking at the pale and barren moon is a beautiful reminder of this. We can break through the veil of our earthly domain and see something that’s a part of our world but not, akin to the human spirit.

The moon’s celestial energy takes me out of my own mind and makes me think more universally about the planet and the stars and how we’re connected as humans.

We have a purpose here that we must realize as a united planet. We must.

As I drove and watched the moon fade away with the rays of the rising sun, I listened to Vishen Lakhiani on The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson.

Vishen is one human being among many who have significantly impacted my life during this pandemic. He’s the founder of Mindvalley, the world’s leading personal growth platform, and author of books The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, and The Buddha and the Badass.

I became interested in him when one of my best friends and co-host of The Dare to Dream Podcast, Gregory Russell Benedikt recommended we listen to Vishen’s Six Phase Guided Meditation before recording. His meditation is on Youtube and free for all.

It focuses on compassion, gratitude, and purpose. It’s exactly what our world needs.

It’s time for a paradigm shift

On the podcast, Vishen said something that was incredibly impactful as I looked into the vastness of the solar system. He says:

We live in a world where we ourselves are in an eight billion strong cellular being called a human colossus. We're all contributing to each other; healthy cells interact with other cells. Study after study after study shows that the strength of your social connections is the only thing that correlates with happiness. This is according to Ed Diener of Harvard University. It means the more you are connected, the better you function, the happier you are.

He discusses how he’s working on creating an Earth flag because he believes nationalism makes us forget how connected we are. Our countries give us laws, identity, and a semblance of control, but what do they do to our overall psyche as human beings?

What I want to do is create a new, mimetic inoculation for the human race against nationalists, against like-self, single-mindedness.

Divisiveness will destroy our planet if we continue on the path we’re on. It’s time to come together, not divide, yet, much of the world still cling to an antiquated mentality that holds us back — us versus them, instead of global unity.

It’s time for a paradigm shift.

I am grateful for these human beings

This story is in deep appreciation of Vishen Lakhiani, Aubrey Marcus, Shawn Stevenson, Dr. Zach Bush, Aaron Alexander, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Katie Wells, and Yuval Noah Harari, among many, many others fighting the good fight for change.

I’ve gotten to know these human beings through regularly listening to their podcasts and reading their books.

Besides those books already mentioned by Vishen Lakhiani, they include: Own the Day Own Your Life, by Aubrey Marcus, Eat Smarter, by Shawn Stevenson, The Align Method, by Aaron Alexander, Sapiens, Homo Deus, and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, by Yuval Noah Harari, and Becoming Supernatural, by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

These humans are making gratitude, health, education, and connection the main pillars to build our future upon, one that can support our ever-changing world no matter what adversity we face.

These human rights can’t just apply to some people, but to all people. Deep within my soul, I feel a sense of purpose when listening to them. Their podcasts and books focus on the conversations that empower individuals to see that you are enough, and you are whole.

How can we be more connected human beings who love who we are through all that makes us human, are there for each other and will support and encourage one another through this, and whatever difficult times come next, instead of pointing fingers?

Moreover, they are focused on educating the leaders of tomorrow in a system that encourages movement and openness of the mind and body rather than fitting everybody into the same box, a.k.a the outdated education system in the United States.

The pandemic has been particularly frustrating for parents attempting to educate their children at home.

Katie Wells lays out her brilliant methods on how she has been educating her children during this challenging time in this conversation with Shawn Stevenson on The Model Health Show.

She says:

I don't agree that the education system is broken at all. I think it's actually still brilliantly doing exactly what it was designed to do, but society has changed and we didn't adapt education. Now it's doing a disservice to our kids.
Nature is our greatest medicine

As human beings, we’re still asking the same questions we have since the beginning of humanity.

We want to know where to find the answers to the questions of belonging, meaning, and pain. Instead of turning to drugs, numbing, and antiquated institutions to find the solutions, the answers we seek can be found in nature.

We, as human beings, are nature. Nature is us. I am just as much part of the trees and the wind as I am every human being I come into contact with.

We are energized by the sun and we eat from the soil. It generates our body and allows us to breathe deeply and savor the gift of life.

Drugs are no longer the answer. Living in gratitude and fueling our body with the planet’s natural, holistic medicine is the remedy for what ails us.

Fitness and nutrition expert Shawn Stevenson is changing how we think about food in his book Eat Smarter. What we put in our bodies, the food that can be found just about anywhere in America for nothing, is garbage.

Yet the country runs on it. This compounds the anger, fear, and stress we are feeling from the pandemic. Our diet and our susceptibility to Covid are inextricably linked, but that’s not being discussed in mainstream media.

Shawn says on his podcast:

The CDC's brand new report has affirmed that 94% of the folks who have lost their lives in this pandemic as a result of COVID-19 had an average of 2.6 additional chronic health issues. We have to get this, we have to understand this, because if we can help to remove the underlying susceptibility, we radically increase our chances of survival, not just from this, not just from COVID-19, but from COVID-20… COVID-22, the next infectious disease that is sure to come, we have to make a change.
They stated that for each death noted to be related to COVID-19, there were on average 2.6 additional conditions or causes for each death, most notably, type 2 diabetes and hypertension. This is not to say that COVID-19 has not been an absolutely destructive force in our society, this is to say that these chronic diseases loaded the gun and COVID-19 pulled the trigger.

What IS being portrayed in the media is a constant loop of negativity such as the incessant death-toll ticker that treats each loss of human life as a ticket number at a fast-food chain.

And that negativity only leads to fear, a.k.a. stress, sleep deprivation, and loneliness, which deteriorates our immune systems further. How is this okay?

When we foster compassion, healing begins

While the traditional news institutions make money trying to divide us by imposing fear, these brave and joyful souls encourage us to come together and realize the power that we contain within ourselves.

We must find compassion.

There is nobody to blame. When we’re able to foster compassion, the healing process begins. Aubrey Marcus put it beautifully when he had Shawn Stevenson on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast.

A man yelled at him for not wearing a mask outside of a grocery store. While many people would have retaliated from the verbal abuse, Aubrey did the opposite.

He felt compassion for this man and tried to find the underlying why.

Masking the underlying issues

This man was likely fearful. It didn’t stem from genuine hate, for he didn’t even know Aubrey. But he felt threatened. Aubrey made it clear he isn’t a wise sage who exudes love 100 percent of the time.

He’s a human being, just like the man who yelled at him. We will all have moments of insecurity and doubt. But every human interaction is an opportunity to either move in the right direction or to take a step back.

The man’s nutrition may have been off and his blood pressure was low. There are underlying threats to our health that make far greater of a difference than wearing a mask.

Shawn Stevenson’s documentary, Mask Facts, highlights a multitude of studies that make this clear. Fear, stress, sleep deprivation, oxygen deprivation due to masks, loneliness, and most of all, lack of proper nutrition are directly related to susceptibility to Covid.

But they’re not being discussed in mainstream media.

Let’s figure out how to move forward together

This pandemic is rock bottom, although perhaps it was painfully necessary to open up our eyes. Our society has been built upon the crumbling foundation of outdated ideas. It’s time we lead with our hearts and not with our egos.

There is no wishing the past was different in our own lives or the life of the planet. There’s only creating a better future, one that starts with today.

Humans aren’t perfect and we don’t have to be. But instead of judging ourselves, others, and the world for not being like us, it’s time we learn to truly have compassion. I am you, and you are me. Let’s figure out how to move forward together.

I am from America, and I’ll always be grateful for the freedom which that provides. But that doesn’t mean the entire planet is undeserving of the same freedom to live, nor that we can’t use that freedom as a beacon of hope instead of ridicule.

I believe in the earth flag because I believe in all people.

All people deserve to know what these true leaders are doing to make a change. I strive to follow their lead.

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