The Mindset That Gets Me Through The Tough Days

I got hit with a nasty bug this week.

When we’re feeling low, the negative thoughts come barraging in (he’s down boys, gettem!)

How did I let this happen? What am I doing with my life?

You know all that.

I was creating some momentum with a program I’m doing to turn around my chronic back pain; it felt like getting sick derailed that a bit, which has been frustrating.

I’m sorry, I’m sure you were having a fine day before reading this; but trust me this message isn’t meant to make you feel awful.

I’m inspired by the advice from ​Kevin Kelly​, founder of Wired Magazine, who says:

I don’t care what you do on your best days. I want to see you on your worst.”

That doesn’t mean you have to get a bunch of shit done even when you’re feeling low. It’s the mindset.

How I face being sick now stands for the way I’ve faced being in daily back pain throughout my twenties.

I’ve had countless days where I’ve felt utterly destroyed.

But I’ve never given in to bitterness. There have been moments, obviously. I’m human. I’ve been angry; I’ve asked why me? But that’s over. I know why me.

Because I have what it takes to overcome and use what I learn to make this world better. You do too. Do you believe it?

Take it from entrepreneur Alex Hormozi:

“Despite all the hard shit you’re going through you just gotta believe with all your fucking heart that you’re gonna make it.”

I’m with him on that.

I’ve never stopped looking for answers since my injury.

Never stopped seeking the light in myself and this world.

Even at my lowest, I’ve held onto my faith that change is coming.

The greater the problem, the greater our destiny on the other side if we face the difficulty, dig our heels in, and embrace it.

How could it be otherwise?

Extraordinary problems come to extraordinary people.

Contending with a meaningful problem gives us purpose. That doesn’t mean go out there looking for or creating problems.

There’s no doubt we all already have enough problems — we’re human — each one of us dealing with something on some level.

Whatever you’re going through, it’s not forever. Stay strong.

Each setback is a stepping stone if we see it as such.

This too shall pass.

How we brave the storm on our worst days determines who we’ll ultimately become — if we can stay positive, inspired, hopeful even on our worst days, imagine, just imagine, how good things will be on the other side of the challenge.

Our best days are still ahead, my friend.

The image is so clear in my mind: a future of health, restoration, joy — love. But the love has never left. It’s only grown stronger from this challenge.

And for that, I’m eternally grateful.

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