So What?

THE PAST REMAINS the past when we decide to float on. What if life is just a game? A beautiful, profound game. The winner is the one who enjoys it the most. They want others to enjoy it too.

The wisest among us have figured this out — they flow with the natural motions of life; they adapt, shift, and remain aware of the present moment’s needs.

Not needing to speak, their wisdom flows from the sound of their laughter. Their joyful nature shines in the glimmer of their smile. Their eyes have seen many years on this earth, their body has felt what it’s like to fall, but their spirit remains that of a child.

Flow with the moment — when you fall, laugh and say, So What? 

You’re embarrassed. Things didn’t go exactly as you planned.

So What? 

Were you in the ring, instead of on the sidelines?

Was your heart on the line, instead of in its cage?

Did you give it everything you had. If so, say So What? 

Life is a game — a beautiful game. The game is to be the one laughing the loudest, no matter how badly it hurts.

The one who spreads the lightness that they carry in their soul.

Because they see each day as a gift, and each knock down as a lesson. Beauty stems from the cracks in the pavement; meaning bursts from the darkness of a starry night.

We might feel the darkness in the depths of our heart and soul; let the darkness out through tears of pain, which turn to tears of joy. Tears show signs of a life that’s felt. In the depths of our being, to feel, to care, is to fill each moment with beauty.

To feel — to laugh, to cry, to share, to shine — is to connect to the world around you. Why are we here if not for each other?

Why are we here? 

To seek meaning in the incomprehensible. We can’t explain what happens in this life. We try, and we crumble.

We believe in what we can’t explain — the past, knowing it happened for a reason; true communication expressed in song and poetry and art and dance, that which language struggles to evoke; the depths of ourselves; the good of each other.

We believe, and we float on.

We believe and take a chance to uncover what this life might truly entail.

So What if we fail. At least we know, we tried. 

Our mind fears taking a chance. It fears the unknown. Like leaving Plato’s Cave, perhaps the unknown is where the light shines the brightest.

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