It’s Time to Break Free

I’m done bearing this weight that holds me down,
Shackles of the mind consume my thoughts, day by day,
The pain in my body a sign of holding on.

Struggling for a semblance of control, I want to make this right,
Solve the problems on my own.
But what if the challenge is too much to face,
Perhaps it can’t be overcome,

Get me off this roller coaster,
I can’t live in highs and lows.
I put my hands up, I surrender.

It’s time to break free.

Through the struggle good shines through,
It’s always been there, not going anywhere.
Although I focus on the bad, wonder what it takes;
It only makes me sad, feels like my spirit often breaks,
Because I try to persevere,
Get up, shake off the dirt, try again,
I don’t care if I’ve been hurt.

The toughest thing of all is being able to let go,
Feels like a part of me is missing,
When it’s gone I hardly know,
The rest of me I’ve forged,
Although not given proper light,
Because the strength is overshadowed with every day I fight.

I want this battle to end, to look back at what I beat,
Because I won’t stay down, just give up and take a seat.
Maybe that’s what it takes to let the wounds heal.
I’m never giving up, though impossible to know,
That wisdom comes with time,
Don’t know which way I’m supposed to go.

It’s time to break free.
This pain, it isn’t me.

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