I’m broken; wonderfully broken.

Poetry in everything.
A long day
A train station, empty or full.
Music in the rain
And morning sounds.
I long to reveal meaning,
Fibers of connection.
Holding my umbrella like a cane
I didn’t forget it this time.
Don’t let it win, man.
Don’t let this pain win.
One day it rains,
The next I’m sitting in a garden of roses.

What I love about the morning is
Possibility. Things might go south.
But there’s another day around the corner.
Rest up.
Summer sun, dragonflies in a park on the
Purlieus of town.
The smell of
Roses in summer heat.
Where hearts come to mend.

You got this, fool.
Appreciate how far you’ve come.
This shit ain’t easy for anyone.
Put your hand on your heart,
The music’s never left.
Recognize the strength in there.
Take a second to love yourself.
Hitting a stride,
But there are ups and downs,
It’s painful,
The things which fill our minds;
Constantly running,
Either making us better or
Dragging us down
She occupies my mind,
Makes me smile,
I think of stupid shit I said,
You’re doin just fine.
We gotta push ourselves to
See the good.
Be the smell of roses for
A friend.
A moment of ease, relief, color
Friendship in the summer.
Love for one another.

Posted an Insta, life seems like bliss.
So good on the surface.
But I feel like a fake because I’m
Sitting in an alleyway in the
Bright summer morning.
I want to fucking scream,
To shatter, to melt;
Just cried because I needed to.

I’m broken,
Wonderfully broken;
Shattered pieces trying to fit
By pressure and love and an
Expectation to be whole.
It feels good to break;
How do I find strength in this.
A tough day ahead.
Acting like things are okay —
I’m drained.

I don’t know, man,
Maybe the breaking leads me to the journal.
The blank page and raw emotion.
That’s the way it had to be.
The pain has drawn my tears,
Reality isn’t perfect.
This cloud won’t let me breathe.

That’s life isn’t it. It’s not that
Lightness on the surface isn’t me.
I walk through a garden of roses, taken;
It isn’t fake. It’s who I am.
But I’m fucking hurting too.
We’re both of these feelings.
That’s life. Don’t need to beat ourselves up
When all we’re trying to do is see the light.

Flowers surround me,
Pink and purple, and I’m
Unable to live — but maybe this is living —
Truly living;
Feeling this weight bring me to my knees,
Tears in my eyes; one day we’ll be whole.
Made up of days like this,
When even at our lowest, we tried.
Used our challenge.
Let our past dissipate, evaporate,
To be born as something new.
Strength in breaking.
Newfound light.

You’re not alone, not selfish
Or wrong, or messed up for feeling down
When life should be good.
We’re together. We’re the sun and the rain.
Embrace it all.

I’m overcome. Fuck, I’m proud of you.
Don’t need to pine for answers,
Pain is in the longing for escape.
Just continue.
Maybe I needed this today.
A break from going. A release.
I’ll embrace the pain.
Feel my body, my partner in this life, what it’s telling me.
This is not forever. We’re in it together.
One day things will make sense,
Had to happen like this.
You’re beautiful when you cry.
Let the tears fucking fall.

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