I Wanna Hoop

I wanna hoop. Looking through the board of glass,
Translucent and scuffed up,
On the other side clouds of dawn
Give way to the morning sun.

The morning sun shines down on me,
I’m grateful for my breath,
Breath, puffing on the court,
Air pumping through my lungs
With each dribble of the ball,

Memories with friends and family
My spirit yearns to have it;


I walk past courts all the time and avert my gaze,
Don’t want to think I won’t come back,
That I won’t ever feel the leather in my hands again,
That I won’t shoot a ball to brush away the pain,
Forget about the game,
The game of life where it often feels like there’s no release
But to put my thoughts down,

Put them down

Put them down.

The court means something more to me,
The redeemer back to fight,
Don’t know how bad I feel the need to make what’s wrong go right,
But the hardest thing of all is to know how bad I want it,
But the harder that I try to heal
The more it feels I’ve lost it.

No way I’m giving up the joy
I felt when I was young,
When I didn’t know how good I had it just to hold a ball,
Dribble, shoot, even dunked when I felt tall.
I walk past the court with the scuffed up hoop,

No net,
Doesn’t matter,
Never did.

Times have changed now I’m more than just a kid;
The game didn’t matter
It’s the game inside that did,
Preparation for life now
Where I often wonder how
I’ll return to days,
Days when I could walk by a court,
Pick up a ball

And shoot.

Never give up on what’s been put in your heart.

A feeling,

A feeling you remember

Is part of you forever.

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