DTD #70: Upgrade Your Life Through Breathwork and Cold Exposure with CEO & Certified Wim Hof Instructor, Reis Paluso

When someone asks you if you’re ready to upgrade your life, I hope you say yes. That’s what Reis did, and his willingness to step into the unknown led him on a wild journey of introspection and self-discovery. From starting multiple businesses to climbing snowy mountains in Poland on Wim Hof’s retreat, Reis places his growth and evolution above his personal comfort.

If you’ve ever wondered why people take voluntary ice baths or spend hours learning how to breathe better, this episode is for you. Learn how breathwork and cold exposure are tools that we can use to promote positive stress and unlock our true potential.

Reis is CEO/Co-founder of Our Breath Collective and he’s also a certified Wim Hof instructor. Join us for this episode as we discuss:

– How breathing and cold exposure have upgraded Reis’ own life

– Swimming in ice-cold rivers and hiking snowy mountains in Poland

– Why breathwork and cold exposure are so good for you

– The importance of choosing “abnormal” in a world where “normal” is terrible for your health

And much, much more!

Show Notes:

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