I know sometimes it feels as though you’ve nothing left to give,

That’s when you dig your heels in, there’s much more life to live.

You may be hurting deep inside,

Not knowing where to turn,

But you’re a fighter, always been, the fire in you burns.

We’ve all been knocked down,

Caked in dust,

Our heart’s been split asunder,

But you’re the one who gets back up, a force as strong as thunder.

Life will often not make sense, no writing on the wall,

No truths lay hidden,

Rocks unturned,

You feel you’ve searched them all.

For answers written in the sky, the wispy clouds of white,

You wish to join the birds aloft, life’s easier in flight.

The heart within a soaring bird,

It knows not earthly pain,

But with our struggles, lessons rise,

Something to always gain.

Adversity will come to those with minds prepared to fight,

With every step,

Your aching limbs,

They move with greater might.

You take your shot, won’t be held down, committed to the game,

Keep showing up, you’re still right here,

You know you’re not the same.

This story was originally published on in my publication, Dare to Dream. 

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