Why Am I Doing This?

I have a confession to make. I wonder if I’m trying to do too much. This thought dawned on me as I was working on an article about committing to a practice. The idea of the practice comes from Seth Godin in his book The Practice. In summary: Do the work not because you feel like it, but because the world needs you.

This inspired me to keep at it and hit that publish button not because I always want to, but because I’m committed. This mindset will definitely move you forward in whatever it is you strive to do — but it also has me questioning how not to burn out. We must ask ourselves a simple question: Why? Why am I working this hard? Why is this part of my routine? Why am I eating this? This question actually came as a relief, because now instead of simply going through the motions, I strive to be conscious of the actions I’m taking.

We can get consumed by the need to keep up, to work because it’s what we’ve always done, to rush through the day trying to check off as much as possible on our to-do list. But why? What are these things doing for me, and what’s the rush? I believe this concept differs from simply putting things off that need to be done. It’s when we’re plowing through tasks without even considering what they’re adding to our lives that it will benefit us to ask, why?

What makes us happy in the moment isn’t always what’s going to benefit us in the long run. We work hard today to be happy in the future. And working hard can indeed bring happiness. I’m going to continue to seek a balance, a harmonious existence, where I’m conscious of my actions and feel they’re warranted.

Where I’m working hard on creating something meaningful. And where I also have the time to stop and think, to find beauty in every moment, and to feel profound inner peace. It’s all possible, and perhaps it starts with asking why.

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