Where Does One Life End and Another Life Begin?

Where does one life end and another life begin?
The people whom we meet, connecting not by word of mouth;
But a bridge between two hearts,
Turn us into more than kin.

The thoughts that keep me up,
Not new;
But often it feels like there’s nothing I can do;
But just be, and do me, gaze upon the swaying tree,
To see, that the real me, is just as much as you,
You, the feeling of the gentle breeze;
Me, the cosmos of a stone.

Still, these complexities, become too much to bear,
See the smile on my face, I try to keep it there;
Because you see that smile and you think that I don’t care,
But in reality, I do.

Let the guard down to open up our eyes;
What is there to hide,
The inner me disguised,
Without a game to play we’ll say, what we want to say.

Not through words but through a laugh,
or a hand to help you up;
I want to live for something bigger than myself.

My friends, family, the people that I love,
All those who have passed, and smile from above,
Or is it down?
But what is down, when we’re spinning on a rock;
All we have we think we know,

But then there’s nowhere else to go,
So if we can’t figure out the way we feel inside,
Why not believe in our connection,
Then there’s nowhere left to hide.

Where does one life end and another life begin?

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