What I Can Be, What I Should Be, What I Am

Expectations — do our circumstances need to change for us to be happy?

Or can we be happy regardless of our circumstances?

Does it need to get better than this?

Can it?

What I can be, what I should be, what I am.

What I can be — as boundless as the sea’s horizon,
Limited by self-constructed walls.
I may observe my curiosity and follow it like a
Dog follow’s her nose through the forest.

I can double down on what excites me, knowing that
Excitement is the compass that won’t lead us astray.

I can be grateful for all that I have
And the boundless potential ignited by
All there is to learn.
I can be anything I want to be.
Right now, that’s happy.

What I should be — lured off course by a deceptive reality,
The journey of our heart,
The adventure of our soul.
Should implies the course I ought to take,
Predetermined future based on
Rules that others make.

What I am — an imperfect being,
Drowning, breathing, beating.
My heart is beating, my eyes are open,
Yet I’m sinking from the pressure.

I am what I am,
And that’s good enough.

I’m just a winter sea dog.

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