What Does It Mean to Feel?

What does it mean to feel?

Are feelings either good or bad, or do they impart the depth of life, how far we allow ourselves to swim, to run, to dig, to fly — why — again I wonder why.

You have the answer in you if you’re willing to ask,
Buried under years not lost to worry, but rich in wonder.

Numb to feeling we fade away,
Becoming nothing but a dream;
But the light of a dream doesn’t shine the same,
Bereft of the color
Which paints our world;
The thread of meaning that goes unseen,
The beauty in the darkness,
The story of the mystery.

Solar winds that drift through space and reach the earth
Yet leave no trace,
Until we feel the gust of wind,
Brush our skin with love and grace.

Is the cold wind life far gone,
Telling us to wake;

Is the candle’s flicker you,
Shedding what warmth you had and never gave,
So I may feel it now?

Drifting is still living —
Searching for the light.
One day this feeling will fade,
And we’ll wonder where it’s gone.
What does it mean to really feel.
Why do some float in the sun,
Listless like a cloud.

In the dark I feel most deeply,
Unable to see,
I listen to the voice, although I know it isn’t me,
Because it takes me somewhere,
Further into secrecy,
Into the cave where I can’t explain,
Where the light doesn’t reach and illuminate,
Where my sense of self grows cold.
I separate from self,
But it’s there, from afar,
Where I understand who
You are.

Are you in there, spirit,
Still with me when I want to hide,
Still glowing while my body cried,
If you’re in there, guide me,
Not to numbness,
Free of pain and darkness,
But to understanding, of someone else
Who feels this deeply too.

Again, my body crumbles,
I wear a mask of hope,
But I can’t understand it,
The more I try, lead further towards despair.
Years spent in uncertainty,
Crying tears of pain,
But I’d never cry those tears of joy,
If I didn’t
Feel this deeply.

What Is Poetry?

Poetry illuminates the darkness. It gives us strength when we feel down; it helps us make sense of the incomprehensible. Writing prose allows for this too; however, poetry doesn’t have to be cohesive nor make sense.

Like inspiration, it’s a feeling unearthed from somewhere deep inside of us. It’s difficult to describe, but all we can do is try. The result, is poetry.


One challenging aspect of poetry is trusting ourselves enough to first, put the words down on the page, as if we’re smart enough, creative enough, sincere enough, honest enough.

Second, we have to overcome resistance and share our words with the world. It is frightening to be vulnerable, even online through a computer screen.

But what is vulnerability, really?

Nothing, perhaps, but honestly sharing what’s on your mind. It doesn’t mean it’s right — it doesn’t mean your thoughts, my thoughts, won’t change.

It’s who we are right now. But if we don’t share, it’s hard to see how much we’re growing.

I hope to continue broadening my horizons as a writer and a poet by sharing who I think I am and what inspires me at this point in my life. I also hope I can be receptive, thoughtful, and encouraging in reading and communicating about your work.

What does poetry mean to you?

Why is it scary to be vulnerable, and what is vulnerability, anyway?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments; better yet, I’d love to read a poem of who you are, and what you’re facing right now.

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