We’re Alive; the Choice Is Ours to Live

AS I WALK PAST the window of my heart, I see him sitting there. My spirit sits alone, consumed by the task at hand — penning poetry to one day share; scratching verse that could help another human; writing hopes and dreams, a song of what life could be.

Maybe you’re like me, sick of thinking, if only.

The soul — it longs to fill the world with color — why don’t we let it? Because a life worth living, one that is colorful and spontaneous and vibrant and breathing, takes courage.

In the depths of my soul there is a kid, seeking to find his way. Urged on by my heart of hearts comes a man, searching for a sign that says keep going.

Keep getting up, now matter how many times you fall. Be courageous. You have what it takes.

We have a life to live beyond merely existing.

We’re alive — the choice is ours to live.

Each of us feels deep within our being an innate calling. Our inner being wants to share, wants to try and climb and fail — but it’s scary to come alive.

It’s intimidating to write our own story when there are countless others to follow. Others will tell us what it means to live. They’ll tell us how, what, and why.

We might look into the night sky, full of stars, planets and endless darkness; when the tears fall I wipe them away from my cheek. What makes them fall again and again? Perhaps, the innate calling which I continue to grapple with has found its source.

It will take effort. It will take pain. It will take everything we have to fully come alive. We shouldn’t want it any other way, because what’s buried in the daily courageous action is the life of our dreams.

We feel it. We can make a difference in this world. The stars have our back. The planet is changing.

It asks — it pleads — for us to be courageous.

The moral is clear as I look back
At these lessons, now that I’m of age.
That the book of one’s life is determined
By the courage contained in each page.
We’re In This Together

The word courage comes from the Latin cor, for heart; encouragement comes from the Old French, encoragier, to make strong, to hearten, to instill another being with courage.

Ordinary courage.
The courage to be ourselves.
To stand for something.
To live our truth.

With the deepest gratitude — I have so much love for this thing called life, and it hurts to see the world in pain when we have the love in our hearts to change it.

It’s scary to share that love when we ourselves are hurting. It’s illogical to encourage someone else when we ourselves feel bereft of inspiration. And perhaps that’s why we feel alone.

But we’re not alone. Make another human strong; lend your words of friendship, and see how connected we truly are.

Words — they carry more than hate. They pierce our depths, fundamentally changing who we could be.

Don’t hold back — tell them they’re worth it.

We’re in this fucking thing together.

This moment is all there is, and it will slip through our fingers if we don’t open up our eyes. The world doesn’t need to change before we do. We decide who we will be and what life means with every action taken.

Show those you love how much you care. Do it so you don’t forget.

We Feel for a Reason

Live to remember — the good, the bad, the pain; whatever gives your heart its beat. You can feel something, and anything is better than feeling nothing at all. We’re on this earth to feel.

Use that feeling as a compass; it will tell you where to go.

The pain is good. The darkness waits to lift if we care enough to go there, for we have the light within us.

We’re living in a time unlike there’s ever been, where we as individuals can create a better world for all. It’s time to make that choice.

I continue to explore the love I feel for humankind. I won’t be afraid of it. The beauty and meaning which exists in each of us is beyond our comprehension.

Sticking to the status quo, us versus them, being a bystander, seeing this as zero sum — it’s not an option.

It’s scary to consider what this world could be. The only way forward is together, through love, instead of fear and hate. We have to see this.

Daring Acts of Love

There’s more light in the world than darkness. It’s frightening what this world might become — but it’s beautiful, what this world is and can be.

If we decide to come together through words that lift us from the ground, from daring acts of love. What if all people could wake up with a sincere reason to live.

What if all people could rise each day with a reason to want to be alive.

We just don’t know what we could be if we saw each other. If we really saw each other.

Be courageous.


Our world needs human beings who are ready to change.

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