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I couldn’t be more excited to announce that I’m now the editor of the Coffee Times inspiration column. Here’s a bit about me. First, this is Coffee Times, ain’t it? Of course, I make my own pour-over coffee every morning, where I thank the coffee gods for providing a cup of rich, cinnamon flavored inspiration. Now, let’s get acquainted.

About Me

My name is Vincent Russell Van Patten, I’m twenty-six-years-old, and I currently call San Diego, California home.

I’m a self-published author, travel photographer, and host of The Dare to Dream Podcast, exploring what lights my soul on fire day-in and day-out.

This exploration might include a morning swim in the frigid ocean, reading classic literature unsavory for the faint of heart, or cracking a beer and laughing ‘till it hurts with the people I love.

Rarely does a meaningful experience escape the ink of my pen — I love to write about it all.

I write on my website, Medium and Substack about travel, literature, personal-growth, philosophy, spirituality, and everything else that makes life an absolute adventure worth embarking on.

Most of all, I write to inspire.

I aim to be honest and vulnerable with my words; we’re experiencing this life together, and it isn’t always pretty. Still, the darkness is damn well beautiful.

I hope to be a light, an inspiration, and a helpful voice through whatever adversity you and I face. We can only go up together.

Dare to Dream💭

At the beginning of the pandemic, one of my best friends,Gregory Russell Benedikt, and I, left our previous careers and embarked on the journey of our lives.

I went all-in on writing and self-published my first book: Arrows of Youth, a Young Man’s Inspiring Journey to Find What Lights His Soul on Fire.

This book is part travel story, part memoir — it embodies what I believe (so far in my brief existence), and what I love about our world. If you strive to find your calling in life, consider giving it a read or a listen on Audible.

Gregory left his job in finance, started a non-profit, and the two of us dreamers created The Dare to Dream Podcast.

If you’re a human being — and if you’re not, I’m impressed you’re reading this — then you deserve to live a life you truly love. Hopefully, our podcast can get you digging deep and moving in the right direction.

Student of Life

I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in creative writing, which has been a gift during this pandemic. Much of what I’m studying inspires my writing, so grab your cap and gown and buckle up.

I foster a deep admiration for history and culture, as I believe history may serve us as constant encouragement. The richness, depth, and spirit of the world inspire me more than anything.

I plan on soon leaving what I know by traveling and exploring this world, our home. I simply want to learn; be it through travel, reading, writing, and by getting out there to connect with other human beings.

I love to write, because writing is the most rewarding way I’ve gone about traversing the depths of what it means to be human.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey — look out for prompts, poetry, and a mosaic of inspirational content in the Coffee Times inspiration column!

Tag your stories with #inspiration to be featured in the column; I can’t wait for what’s in store.✌🏻
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