Video: A Brighter Future Starts With We: A Poem In Accord With My Debut Nonfiction Novel Arrows of Youth

In the poem, the source that I speak of is the energy that exists in all things.  It’s the universe that tells us what we need to hear; it’s the miracle of the sun rising in the morning.

It’s the glow of the midnight moon. It’s the feeling we get when we know something is right, or the sense that something is wrong no matter how right it seems.  It’s the void that seems unfilled and aches when we see another human hurting.  It’s the joy that we feel when a friend, a family member, even a stranger has been lifted from the depths we all find ourselves in at some point or another.

This source is our instinct, our inner voice, the binding light that connects us to each other and the Earth. We must never let this light fade.

It’s my privilege to share my first book—Arrows of Youth: A Young Man’s Inspiring Journey to Find What Lights His Soul on Fire—with the world. I hope and believe, from the bottom of my heart, that this poem encompasses the themes of the book — of connection, courage, growth, healing, and compassion.

I’ve put everything I have into Arrows of Youth, but it wouldn’t be possible, it wouldn’t even have been a thought, without the people who’ve encouraged me along the way.  I am infinitely grateful.

Arrows of Youth is part memoir, part travel story, part spiritual exploration set against the backdrop of my 2020 road trip through California and the Pacific Northwest.

More than just my personal tale, this book is a story of we: how we must come together and foster compassion, love, and connection for each other and the planet at this pivotal point in human history. I can’t wait to share it with you.

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