Unknown Is Our Journey

Playing music when
The stars are out,
Before the purple light of dawn
I leave to see the colors mix,
The waves that crash and glisten.

Horizon’s hazy like the dream,
That I can’t seem to shake,
Unknown is the world I’m in
The moment that I wake.

Our journey’s individual,
Yet stories intertwine,
Nobody knows just how we feel,
Although we say we’re fine.
At this hour, look above,
A chance to stop and fly,
As radiant as the morning moon,
The stars that never die.

They burn until their final hour,
The sun commands the sky,
This is the journey of the morning,
To find a reason why.
The solitary fisherman,
Casts light in glowing space,
Retrieves the day from the horizon
Rising we may trace.

Where darkness lifts,
Replaced by warmth,
Imbued in streaks and waves,
And fills the sky with
Our perception,
Like words which fill the page.

The best way that I’ve
Come to know,
The world unknown to me,
The sun is out now, brilliant rays,
A gift for all to see.

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  • Sydney Duke Richey
    Posted at 14:51h, 22 October Reply

    Beautiful! “Unknown is our Journey” is just what I needed to read today. Feeling kind of blah but this wonderful poem lifted my spirits. Thank you!

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