There Is No Right Path, Only the Path We’re On

I often wonder if I’m on the right path — I don’t want to mess this up, and maybe that’s the problem. The fear of failure, or not living up to my potential. But what does that even mean?

Potential is a figment of our imagination, what we could be, just like the idea of the right path. There is no right path, there’s only the path we’re on.

So often, we don’t know how good we have it until we move on and look back, and wonder why we ever left. The grass is always greener, as they say.

But what if the grass is just green? We’re walking atop green fields, hardly ever looking down. Or up, at the clear, blue, patient sky. Or into the eyes of the person whom we’re talking to. Because while I’m looking around, the person right in front of me is saying something.

A word that I need to hear.

Something that will set my soul on fire. Something to help me. And I could help them. And we could figure this thing out.

But my mind is elsewhere, wondering what might be. I don’t know the path that has brought me here. I often wish time would move faster so I could get to the next stop. Why?

Why am I looking towards the future instead of being where I am? Because I feel like there’s more out there, but what is the more that I’m looking for?

Perhaps a sense of adventure. Or a challenge that will help me break this shell. But there’s opportunity to grow wherever we are. There’s adventure to be had, day in and day out, if we give this moment everything we have.

The author and mystic Sadhguru was asked by a young man, am I doing the right thing with my life? The young man’s father wanted him to head in one direction, and he was heading in another.

Sadhguru gives a beautiful response: Anything you do, if you put your heart and soul into it, becomes a great thing.

Sadhguru discusses how we’re on this perennial search to find our passion, our purpose, what we’re on this earth to do. Instead of seeking our sole passion, why not be passionate about everything?

Live a passionate life where you are, instead of going to the ends of the earth to ensure you discover your passion.

When we’re constantly looking at wherever we’re not, at vacations we wish we were on, jobs we wish we had, people whose lives seem to tower over our own instead of putting our heart and soul into what we’re doing in this moment, we’re blocking our energy flow from pouring into the world.

Let your heart pour into everything you do. Let your spirit sing as you traverse the path you’re on. Let each step take you to the next, as one foot follows the other.

Focus on today, and when the journey doesn’t feel right anymore, leave. Get off the train at the next stop, look around and wonder. What could be better? What’s interesting to me?

And then head that way — because life will present endless paths to choose, and they can be overwhelming. We might stay where we are because it’s comfortable, even when our spirit tells us to take a leap, embark upon a different road, change.

That feeling isn’t trivial — and perhaps there is a difference between wanting change just for the sake of changing, and heeding a profound calling telling us to leap.

When you heed your curiosity and let it guide you, you are on the right path. Because it’s right in the moment — it’s taking you somewhere, where you’ll change, adapt, grow, and learn. And that’s better than going nowhere, and always wondering where to go.

Maybe there is a path that’s out there just waiting, and it’s perfect. It’s clear with no leaves to obstruct the way, no fallen branches, no hills to climb. And wouldn’t that be nice? 

But here we are! Overcoming obstacles, questioning, trying, and finding our way. And that’s all we can do, because this path will lead to the next one, and we will fall, and we will stumble around in the mud for a while. That’s living, adapting, trying — and it’s wonderful.

We’re walking atop green, muddy, beautiful fields. If only we’d look down, we might even enjoy stumbling around.

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