The World Is Wounded

There is a wound in the world.
What is happening is beyond words,
It shows you the definition of meaning.
Ukrainians fighting for their lives.
That’s really all I can focus on.
But what do we do, how can we change.

The world is in crisis, yet I’m looking at the

Ocean, unaware, and hurting too.

For them, for the fucking Ukrainians.

For the Canadians. For everybody hurting.

One of the things that drove Jordan Peterson to write Maps of Meaning is finding the good, to rival the evil of the nazis during World War Two, and the dictators during the 20th century.

And we’re seeing things that are atrocious in 2022
and still focusing on wearing masks in the grocery store.

It’s so fucking sad.

Why are we here?
To heal the human race, perhaps.
In the smallest ways we can.
We have the chance to heal the world, but we can’t forget what it means to be human.
The antidote.
The only way change will come is to open up.
Ask questions. Why are we doing this.

Buying this.
Reading this.

Think about the emotions, what they mean to us.
What hurting for the world feels like.
What fighting for something feels like, if you have.

I don’t know what that means.
How are we going to turn this around.
Spread the love y’all.

In any way you can.

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