The Streets Are Made for Dancing

Japan — I still can’t make sense of being here.
Waiting for the train in cue
Overwhelmed with disbelief,
Surge of energy.
Volt of life.
Joy wells in my chest that I can’t subdue;
I have the same worries and concerns,

But shit, I’m alive and well — 

So I dance from the Chuo to the Tanimachi Line.

Out of the subway and into the
Night, the day’s done my body’s tired,
Mind’s spent,
The neighborhood is still,
I listen to the moon,
It tells me who I am.

Garage lights flicker,
Lighting up the stage,
If there’s one thing that’ll save us
It’s the spirit of the kid;
The body’s its vessel
A ship to guide not a place to hide —
So I let my arms move to the rhythm of the beat.

The energy I feel stings the silent night.
The neighborhood’s asleep.
Who’s watching, couldn’t care,
I feel something unexplainable.
I think it’s called love.

The streets are made for dancing,
I cross them in my own way.

I dance in the gym, ’cause this place
To release the animal within
Is a realm of machines and
Robots using them.

I dance because not to is a sacrifice that I
Won’t make.
Despite the pain I feel or the
Day which lays in front of me;
Despite the fear —
The weight —
Whatever the fuck we gotta do.

The streets are made for dancing.
So dance kid.
Don’t give in and step in line.

I dance down the station halls,
’Cause the red and white bricks
Create a river to follow.
I move on the subway
At least we’re together,
You may be sleeping I’m standing,
Watching the earth move past,
It carries with it the
Reflection of my heart and soul,
And the beat goes on,
Everlasting impetus
Of an ordinary day.

Dancing is moving with love in your heart
So imma dance my heart out
‘Till the moon stops shining
Or the beat fades away
My boots stop stomping,
Or the world stops spinning.

Taken at TeamLab Osaka
Taken at TeamLab Osaka
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