The Heartbeat of the World

Unsure of where I’m headed,
The gift of life before me;
Whatever path that I traverse
Takes me to where I am.
I’m here, alive.
Where else is there to go but in.
Some days feeling like a
Split personality,
Incongruent reality,
Comes in rising, falling waves,
The heartbeat of the world,
Movement is all that we see.

Rippling and rolling water
In a state of meditation,
Stasis, far beyond our
Fiercest gaze.
Life moves while we’re unaware;
Stars align, yet we don’t see them
Shift. We just see them shine.
And dim — their distance measures
Time, but they’re already

What happens out there?
In the depths of outer space;
When time means nothing,
Does everything fall into place?

Does life move slowly, patiently,
Waiting for a moment a
Million years away?
Do wandering souls find a presence
In a shining light;
Do they think about their
Time on earth,
If indeed this was their home,
More than we, as we think of
What’s out there
In the time that we’re

What would we do if today was
The last day,
The last time,
We’d watch the clouds dissolve
And become nothing in the sky?

What can we do to
Make sense of it all;
Do we try to understand,
Or smile and lend a hand,
Cause we’re all just strangers
To others and ourselves,
Discovering who we are and the
World that we share —
Exploring what it holds
Near to its chest.

We surf its rising heartbeat and
Sail on its every breath.
We have all that we need,
The things which none can take.
Losing sight of what’s important
Causes us to fake,
Ourselves into believing we need
More than we have —
But can’t we see, we have it all,
Waves that crash to rise and fall;
The heartbeat of the world,
Is the heartbeat that we share.

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