The Gentle Sound of Silence

The gentle sound of silence,

Forever with us, a moment to get lost.

A gust of air moving,

Takes my spirit with it.

Pockets of time, if only we’d slow down.

Throughout the day when time condenses — heartbeat slows, breath deepens, mind awakes.

These are the moments that matter.

Those notes amidst the ceaseless dance of life, before a meal, on a walk, eyes close and I want to drift away.

Drift into the sea of being; listen to a chirping bird, feel its heart beat, beat, beat like my own.

The grumble of a car, listen to the engine fire, fire, fire.

Fade into the night.

Tensions ease, silent release of self-imposed restraints.

The carrying gust of wind rushes through my open window and I smile, I smile as the cold wraps me up, as the darkness creeps in, as I know where I am, I know where I am.

In a body, a soul, a spirit that comes alive when awakened by a silent gust.

Make the time.

With my hands together, eternally at peace, seated in the gentle sound of silence.

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