The Dare to Dream Podcast Episode #32: Being In the Trenches of Your Own Heart and Soul

Daring to dream is a daily commitment of believing that there is something more to go for; it’s realizing we can get more from ourselves, that this life is worth giving everything we have. Yet more doesn’t mean accumulating things on the surface. Perhaps more is grappling with a worthwhile problem, getting down and dirty in the trenches of our own heart and soul.

Should we derive value from the things, the relationships, the job we have? Or, should we derive self-worth from what’s inside of us—the experiences we’ve had and what we’ve overcome; how we’ve let go of the past, and who we were?

On this episode we also discuss:

— Anthony Bourdain, and how our own expectations can cause us to see our accomplishments as meaningless if not up to our own personal standards.

— Can one be happy knowing there’s always more to strive for?

— Fostering joy and being a light throughout the vicissitudes of life.

— A couple of comical stories from Greg and Vinny’s travels!

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