The Dare to Dream Podcast Episode #31: Stop Waiting For Permission to Change Your Life

It’s been a year since the two of us joined forces, jumped into the void of uncertainty, and began living the lives we were born to live. While we certainly don’t have it all figured out—nothing, really—we have learned a great deal about what we love, what provides us with joy and meaning, and the change in ourselves we want to continue cultivating.

On this episode, we discuss what it means to tread our own path, which seems to unfold with every step we take. We don’t need to have every step of the way laid out.

When we worry about the future, we often lose sight of the fact that this step we are on, wherever we are on our journey, is a gift. With patience and gratitude, every step of the journey will unfold as it’s intended to. Act, do what needs to be done, but appreciate where you are.

Show Notes:

Order Arrows of Youth: A Young Man’s Inspiring Journey to Find What Lights His Soul on Fire, by Vincent Van Patten

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Maps of Meaning, by Jordan Peterson

The Hero With a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell

Pick yourself, by Seth Godin

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