The Dare to Dream Podcast Episode #30: Focus On Today and the Future Will Take Care of Itself

When we give our absolute attention to the moment, it feels like time fades away and becomes nonexistent. We’re not focused on the future or the past—we’re too engaged with what’s right in front of us.

It seems like we have to plan for the future or our world will crumble; it can feel impossible to let the past remain in the past. But what if all that worry, angst, and fear meant nothing?

What if we saw each and every day as a blank slate, where our only aim is to give it everything we have? Every conversation would possess life-changing potential, for us or the other person in the conversation. The experience of daily life would be an adventure, as it should be. When we focus on nothing but the day and the task at hand, the future will take care of itself.

On this episode of The Dare to Dream Podcast, we also discuss:

—Being the fool, as the fool is the apprentice eager to learn.

—Showing up as often as we can, and just seeing how it goes.

—What sacrifice means, and if it’s worth sacrificing for a future we aren’t enamored by.

—Breaking down the barriers with strangers; how to stray away from the shallow end into deep conversations.

Show Notes:

– Beyond Order – Jordan Peterson

– Knowing Where to Look – Light Watkins

– The Ed Mylett Show

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