The Dare to Dream Podcast Episode #29: Dare to Dream Goes Pro

Last week we turned the page—now we’re starting a new chapter.

With new mics and summer upon us, we’re excited. As we both seek guidance and wisdom from others who have been in our shoes before, we’re discovering that nobody knows the right path we should embark on, what we should pursue, or how we should live. Only we know what feels right to us, which is perhaps a blend of the different perspectives we’ve garnered.

As we question the next steps we’ll be taking as individuals, we’ve found that there’s tremendous joy, peace, and meaning found in the stillness and the unknown. It may be unnerving not knowing what the future holds. Yet it’s also a time full of limitless possibilities when we see each day as a chance for the extraordinary to unfold.

In this episode we also discuss:

— Vinny’s book Arrows of Youth, coming out in just a couple of weeks! Join his Weekly Insights for early access!

— Adding a celebration clause to every goal

— Viewing life through a storytelling lens

— Our working definition of anxiety

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