The Dare to Dream Podcast Episode 26: How to Feel Grounded and Move Forward Through Seasons of Uncertainty

Perhaps you’re not exactly where you want to be. You are somewhere, of course; but often it’s easier or less frightening, not to stop and look around, not to ask questions, in fear of what the answer might be.

Are you happy with your career, your relationships, your path?  You may not know exactly what you want; very few people do. But do you feel like you are standing on solid ground? Or do you feel ungrounded, lost, and unsure of what next steps to take?

To get to where we want to go, we first must recognize where we are. This can be disheartening, as it makes us face reality. We can no longer wish and hope that things will work themselves out. We can’t hide issues, adverse situations, and character flaws in the fog.

We must honestly assess where we are and face our situation if we wish to ground ourselves. It is only from this solid foundation that we can begin to move forward.  Join us as we discuss personal strategies on how we re-ground ourselves when we feel like we have wandered off course.

If you are facing uncertainty in your life, whether career or relationship-related, we hope this episode will inspire you to start thinking deeply about your life. Your future should excite you; but to get to that dream, you must first face the music of your current reality. If it’s not what it should be, it’s time to make a change.

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