The Dare to Dream Podcast Episode 22: Create Boundaries So You Can Break Them

In a world with seemingly endless possibilities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The plethora of options and choices we face every day can lead to decision fatigue and hours spent wondering what to do next. The good news is that there’s a well-documented antidote.

Call it routine, structure, or discipline, the antidote to aimless wandering is having a preconceived game plan. Whether it’s for the upcoming day or the rest of our life, we need to create boundaries to orient ourselves properly. Then, we may surrender to what life presents to us. Because to push against the boundaries, we must first create them.

On this episode of the Dare to Dream Podcast, we dive deep into our beliefs, as well as the modern wisdom on the need for discipline and structure. We explore how having structure, a practice, and daily rituals actually create the room to be creative and pave new ways.

We also give an update on our 90-day fitness, nutrition, and discipline challenge: Men of Discomfort.

Show Notes:

– Valley Mentality (AKA the sweet hoodies we’re rocking)

– Jordan Peterson – Beyond Order

– Seth Godin – The Practice

– Matthew McConaughey – Greenlights

– Ryan Holiday on Impact Theory Podcast

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