The Dare to Dream Podcast #71: Break Free From Your Past and Create Your Own Identity, with Author Neha Sonney

For many of us, it can feel like where we come from is where we’re going to go; that our past defines our future; that how we were raised is by default, how we will raise or kids.

It can feel like there are no options to live life differently, be it because of the society we grow up in, the family we come from, the life we’re expected to live. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

On episode #71 of DTD, Vincent chatted with Neha Sonney, an author, coach, speaker and writer, who discusses subjects such as self-awareness, meditation, personal development, self-love, love, dating, relationships and emotional wellbeing, among other soul-nourishing topics.

From the first moment they began the conversation, it felt like a chat between good friends; Vincent tuned in from Lisbon and Neha, from where she currently lives in Hong Kong. Yet even from across the world they talked like kindred souls, discussing the importance of travel, putting yourself in uncomfortable and wild situations, letting go of past identities, and why we must truly open up our hearts to the world, no matter what happens.

Your past doesn’t need to define your future. Neha’s inspiring story will show you it’s in your power to make a change.

Show Notes:

Neha’s book, Wired for Self-Love



The Power of Receiving, by Amanda Owen

To Have or To Be, by Erich Fromm

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