The Dare to Dream Podcast #53: Outlasting Adversity and Prioritizing Happiness with Actor & Writer Duke Van Patten

Hanging out with Duke Van Patten is like drinking a cup of strong black coffee on a sunny day with Robert De Niro or Hugh Grant or perhaps Jimmy Fallon—bottom line—it’s energizing and damn entertaining. Vincent’s older brother Duke is an actor, writer, and entrepreneur who has had his fair share of knocks, but none could diminish his unique and optimistic perspective on life.

When Duke graduated from SMU with his sights set on becoming an actor, he felt it was only right to learn from the very best. This led him to hop across the Atlantic to pursue a master’s from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. At Bristol Old Vic, Duke would join the ranks of notable alumni such as Daniel Day-Lewis and Olivia Colman as he donned a pair of tights and honed his theater voice. PROJECT!

However, what Duke experienced at Bristol wasn’t what he expected. His experience was often dark, and it was at this low point where he had to dig deep and ask himself what truly matters in life, and who he wants to be. Duke’s story of finding himself in a drastically unfamiliar environment is inspiring to anybody trying to find the light in themselves when the world goes dim. But this podcast is anything but dark and depressing.

Duke’s passion for life, his hilarious impersonations and stories, and his positive outlook for the future will leave you encouraged and in stitches. He’s a one of a kind, you don’t want to miss this one.

Show Notes:

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