The Dare to Dream Podcast #50: Celebrating 50 Episodes and the Wisdom That Has Saved Us from Ourselves

For the fiftieth episode of The Dare to Dream Podcast, we reflect on the essential wisdom that has inspired us most profoundly while on this journey to find what lights our souls on fire.

What started as a Zoom call therapy session between two ill-prepared and unqualified seekers of meaning has turned into something we’re beyond proud of. We will continue to pour our heart and soul into this adventure.

Thank you—for being in our corner through it all, for reaching out and sharing your stories, for standing by our side as fellow dreamers. If we’ve made your day a little lighter, have given you one extra belly laugh, or have made you look up at the evening sky to wonder, then this has all been worth it.

In this episode we had too much fun as usual, discussing the lessons that have rocked us to our core over the last year or so. We hope you enjoy fam—we wouldn’t be here without you. Buckle up, because we’re just getting started.

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