The Dare to Dream Podcast #49: Lindsay Bilezikian’s Quest to Heal the World (and Herself) Will Leave You Feeling More Present and Joyful in your Mind, Body and Soul

Lindsay Bilezikian is a multidimensional human being who is on a quest to heal the world. By day, Lindsay serves her community as a certified Pilates instructor in Solana Beach, CA. She fills the rest of her time pursuing a myriad of passions, ranging from sound healing to seasonal cooking to Clinical Somatic Psychology.

Lindsay is a true Wonder Woman. We’ve never seen her and Gal Gadot in the same room at the same time (rather suspicious if you ask us!). The three of us sat down as great friends and had some fun.

We dove into Lindsay’s pursuit of a Master’s degree in Clinical Somatic Psychology where she’s learning more about healing the mind and body together; the years she spent taking on New York City, where she discovered a love for sound healing and shamanism; overcoming an eating disorder, and how she fuels her body and soul by growing and eating food from her garden; the power of breathwork and other holistic practices we use to reclaim our zest for life, and much more.

You’re going to walk away from this episode feeling more present and joyful in your mind, body and soul.

Show Notes:

Lindsay’s Instagram

Pilates Movement Solana Beach

What Is logotherapy? Based on work done by Viktor Frankl

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