The Dare to Dream Podcast #46: Practical Philosophy, the Hero’s Journey & Modern Courage, with Dane Sanders

Star Wars. Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. The Lion King.

In the classic hero’s journey, the hero leaves the familiar and sets out into the unknown. They face adversity and fall to their knees. Yet, they overcome, and return home to share with the world what they learned.

Each of us is on our hero’s journey. However, it’s never as clean and clear-cut as it is in the movies. The journey is messy, painful, and downright terrifying. Sometimes we act the hero; often we act the coward. On our journey, there will be fear, resistance, and we will come face to face with our deepest insecurities. But when we hear the call, the only thing that truly matters is whether or not we heed it.

On this episode of The Dare to Dream Podcast, we sat down with the legendary Dane Sanders, a man who refuses to settle for an ordinary life and a conventional impact on the world.

Dane is CEO of Tell Me Your Dreams, creator of Men of Discomfort, host of the Converge Podcast, a Story Brand speaker and facilitator, and a certified business coach.

Dane was also a professional photographer for over a decade and has written two best-selling books about the business of creativity. Yet, it’s Dane’s background in philosophy that fueled this conversation.

We discuss:

— The hero’s journey, and what it means to never stop seeking the richness of life.

— How to use fear and resistance as a compass for extreme growth.

— Living a love-shaped existence in the middle of a harsh reality.

— How something can be right, but not right for you.

— Success, and being present in the here and now.

— What it means to be a practicing philosopher who uses everyday experiences to better themselves.

— Playing the infinite game, and finding the courage to be ourselves.

We barely scratched the surface with Dane, but we hope this conversation inspires you to dig deep, and set out on your own hero’s journey. It’s already begun; the choice is yours to heed the call.

“This was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had.” — Vincent

Show Notes:

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Tell Me Your Dreams

Courage Is Calling, by Ryan Holiday

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