The Dare to Dream Podcast #44: Building Dreams in the Digital Space, with Tech-Focused Entrepreneur Tallulah Daly

Entrepreneur and business owner Tallulah Daly is one cool, composed, tech-savvy woman. Tallulah grew up in Malibu, CA, yet defied the odds when she decided to move across the country to study computer engineering and business technology at the NYU School of Engineering.

Her professors told her she wouldn’t pass; however Tallulah wasn’t just another student waiting to crumble. She used this ostensible discouragement as fuel for her fire. While in New York, she spent what free time she had studying for school, but also exploring her interests in tech and software. Once New York could no longer handle her heat, Tallulah returned to her beloved Malibu to create her own company, Bluewater Road Tech and Design, where she helps her community and all those seeking the path to technological nirvana achieve their dreams.

Tallulah never took the conventional route; at a young age she’s paving her own way and may serve as a shining example of what’s possible when we listen to ourselves over the doubters, the haters, and all those who try to keep us from reaching higher.

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Bluewater Road Tech and Design

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