The Dare to Dream Podcast #39: Overcoming Fear & Finding Yourself with Digital Nomad Tom Kuegler

This is a very special episode, and evidence of what is possible when we Dare to Dream!

Tom Kuegler is a business owner, a vlogger, and top writer on where he created the publication The Post Grad Survival Guide, which sports more than a half a million page views per month. Ever since stumbling upon Tom’s digital nomad lifestyle in college, Vinny has dreamed of connecting with him and asking meaningful questions about his journey.

Fast forward a few years and Vinny’s dream came true when we brought Tom onto The Dare to Dream Podcast.

Join us for a conversation with Tom that was hilarious and vulnerable. We discuss overcoming the fear of being our authentic self, comparing ourselves to others—especially on social media—and getting closer to discovering who we truly are. Tom tells us about his years spent living in the Philippines and what it’s like finding his place in his new home, Mexico City.

Show Notes:

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