The Dare to Dream Podcast #38: The Stellar Life of Rad Dad and Fitness Legend, Dan Miller

From the snowy mountains of Colorado to the beaches of Australia; from a restaurant founder and owner of eleven years to being a lead on the soul-crushing, character-testing SealFit program, our guest, Danny Miller, has led a stellar life.

Join us as we discuss what Danny is currently pursuing and developing in the world of fitness, the importance of solitary travel regardless of what stage of life you’re in, how your world changes when you start a family, and much more.

Danny is a husband and girl dad of two daughters. He was a rad 80-90’s neon wearing mogul skier, a successful restaurant owner, and an OG CrossFit level two coach and box owner. Danny was the first civilian lead on the SealFit Kokoro coaching staff, and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible personally, and in relation to helping others recognize their potential. He currently owns 2120 Fitness in Del Mar, CA.

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