The Dare to Dream Podcast #33: Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams, Ever.

On episode #33 of the Dare to Dream Podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting actress and life coach Betsy Russell.

Betsy has led an exciting life of going for her dreams, leaving home to pursue acting at seventeen years old. We dive into the process of getting to know ourselves, focusing more on being and less on doing, and learning how to understand our thoughts.

Betsy is also my mom, perhaps the bravest endeavor of all. 🙂

Other discussion topics include:

— Ways to get to know yourself, so you can move through life as the truest version of you.

— Loving all of life and seeing the beauty wherever you can.

— How our moods act as the filter through which we see the world.

— Why removing yourself from the room is sometimes the best strategy.

— How it takes bravery to even admit you have a dream you’d like to pursue.

— The Three Principles of thought, mind, and consciousness.

— How to build relationships with people we admire without overcomplicating it.

And most importantly, how we are all exactly where we are supposed to be.

Show Notes:

– The Three Principles

– Wherever You Go, There You Are – John Kabat-Zinn

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