That’s Why I Must Go

l’ll soon be off to face the world, I’ll face my heart in a land unknown, I’ll face the challenge of being alone, but I’m not anxious, nor afraid; I know that I must go.

Perhaps that is an outright lie, yet passion keeps me on the high, and fear, it burns it smolders bright, like an engine in my chest.

My heart feels like it’s torn in two by what is known and what is new, I have all that I’ve come to know, with me when I go.

What’s hard for me to understand, once a boy now turned a man, the days they seem to fall like sand, how quickly time does pass.

From where I stand on this rooftop, no way to ever make it stop, how to make these feelings pop, and tell you what I see.

I see the clouds so full of grey, it’s morning now over the bay, been up all night to my dismay, ’cause I can’t let it go.

The beauty of the world serene, the drizzly sky and trees of green, the passing ships and thinning fog, it means so much to me.

It means so much to me.

What calls me isn’t sanity, I’d find my way if I did stay, what calls me is a longing soul, which can’t stand the regret.

Of never trying, never leaving, every day I’ve been believing, that what I’ll find’ll help me grow, of that, I think I know.

What I’ll find, is it myself? A traveler not seeking wealth, but only answers to the questions, painted in the sky.

Prepared for flight I’m taking steps, towards the edge and of the rest, the chapters of my life I guess, which haven’t yet been written.

The ones which I’ve already penned, I couldn’t do without my friends, they make me the man that I am, I fear the loss of them the most.

Our time is short, we seldom say, I love you friend I’m glad today, you’ve helped me all this trying way, and I’m always here if you need, a shoulder to cry on.

A shoulder to cry on.

Our time is short, it takes each day, yet love is boundless, flows each way, I hope to very often say, I love you from my heart.

I’ll say it now and say it then, I’ll say it all over again, I love this world and where I’ve been, and that’s why I must go.

That’s why I must go.

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