Perseverance & Ease

Has eased.
Despite my perseverance
I’m not here to fight.
Feels too good to
Travel light,
To let the brilliance of spring’s end
Flow through open wounds.
There’s nothing I must do —
Don’t need to be the best; just be the
Best you.

Open up,
Slow it down,
Focus on now — for
One day we’ll all be dust —
Earthly love will be no more;
There’s nothing to fear.
While I walk this earth
I strive to love with all I have.
Have faith in this moment —
Trust its beauty.
Let it open you up and
Pierce your soul.
You’re in love with life —
Let it break you, bring you
To tears; cause you to laugh out loud and
Smile like the kids we are.

I pass others in the station,
Laughter echoes through the
Consciousness brings subconscious
Action, reaction to an impartial world —
That’s not living;
It’s preparing to live for the time when
This makes sense.
I’m at peace with the present
For sense won’t commence until we
Create our own — this moment
Is where I’m called to live,
Water over stone.
Days give way to days —
Flowing — there’s nothing
In the past or the
Future; there’s
Will you exist in it?
Smooth as light, beautiful as
Night, we persist as paradoxes
Pain draws love
Vulnerability gives way to
We rattle through the darkness of the underground.
The handles sway;
Clutching leads to lacking;
Let yourself

Maybe they see me, maybe
They don’t. We’re all a little
Fucked. It’s like a dream — I’m
Really here. Just want to
Listen to the music in my ears.
Don’t need to finish this book
Just to move on to the next.
Think about the page you’re on;
Ponder every word of text.
This ride will end. It always
So I watch the reflection of the lights
Dance upon the river. Forever glistening
Like this; it makes me wonder; an ordinary
Guided by starlight,
What’s ahead that I can’t find here;
Perseverance & ease.
Summer’s on the way.

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