Our Story In the Clouds

Just persevere. You got this.
Less explaining; let others believe what they want. That just means let go.
Not everybody needs to understand, and they won’t.
We understand what we want to understand, and see what we want to see.
If that’s beauty and good, if that’s joy and an attempt at true
Compassion with others, then all we have to do is let go.
The more we stop caring, the more we all let go.
It’s all meant to flow positively and forward.

What stories are hidden in the clouds?
Who’s looked into them and wondered why; they catch the glow of the
Sun, and wear it like a mask.
Do other worlds have sunsets; what does beauty mean to them?
How the day ends with a fire in the sky.

Why does it matter to me,
The sky which grips my heart —
Being in awe is like a break in time. For this moment, all I can do is
Admire the world.
There’s nothing that has to be — let go, man.
Everything will fall into place.
Expectations, an image of self, just enjoy. If you don’t, you’ll miss it.
What really brings joy? When you feel a release.

When you know who’s there inside your skin,
And feel your spirit breaking through those walls.
That’s a joy that can’t be surpassed.
Shake up the rigidity — dust off who you think you are.
It’s love — that’s it.
Love is music, friends, laughter.
Love is seeing and being seen, feeling, knowing, really knowing
Someone else in this world; slowly getting to know yourself.

Maybe that’s the biggest challenge — when we think we know ourselves we Hold on;
We build a life around that person, and we become them.
Shed your skin. Be you anew.
Get to know somebody else.
Love is taking this thing on together.
We are all experiencing this world together. And it’s a beautiful world.

The fading sun gives way to night, the moon shines bright ‘til morning light.
A new day, forward.
The train passes with the moon above; the sky is a fading pink, and the
Ocean water glistens.
On the sand I run,
Away from me. Into a new self.
I run to unshackle from my mold,
Each footprint that’s left in the sand,
Who I was,
A single strand. That’s brought me here
To where I stand.

Searching for shells that have tumbled through the ocean’s depths and
Found their way to this shore.
Travelers, like me, like us;
From who we were to who we are,
From the waning sun to the morning moon.
That shines despite the light of day.
That runs despite the pain, until it one day fades away.

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