One Warm Day

I cried today, maybe you did too.

My spirit getting stronger,
My thoughts going deeper,
Befriending the shadow of myself.

And opening my eyes,
Wiping away the tears and laughing,
Because that’s all we can do, right;
The absurdity of it, whatever
Makes us fret.

The current that we ride,
Where does the energy go,
Does the energy go somewhere,
Constantly pouring into empty space,
On the current of light and love that are words,
And tears. Healing tears.

The sun vanishes; we stand on the shore and watch it go below the horizon. How fucking unreal is that — when else do we realize that the earth turns, and see it turn at 1,000 miles an hour.

And then there’s the glow that’s left, a sun shaped radiance of color, emanating as a spectrum — deep, fiery red, to a leafy, light green, sunny yellow, sky, white, blue, lavender purple; candy pink, and the further you look away from the location of the sun, the sky becomes violet, dusky, darkness on the other side of the dome in the atmosphere, until a plane flies through the now dark sky, a pink jet stream in its wake.

Nature’s the deepest source of meaning — what we can’t explain, what we share, what helps us understand ourselves like a reflection in still water when you don’t know what’s beneath.

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