Not Here to Reach a Destiny

THE sunlight hits
And warms my skin,
I think about what could have been.
If things were different,
Where I’d be,
How I’ll reach my destiny.

The world inspires open eyes,
I think I’ve come to recognize,
We’re here, alive,
To walk the desert bare;
We’re here, alive,
To gaze upon the glowing sea.
With open eyes I now perceive —
It’s bigger than you.
It’s bigger than me.

Not here to reach a destiny.

While we’re breathing,
We must never stop believing,
That it could be better.
That there’s a reason to continue.
That there’s meaning in it all.

Your smile, your laugh, the way you rise and fall —
You’re here for a reason; don’t believe me?
You change the world with energy.

Be the one who they look to
When they don’t know where to look.

Be the one who holds the light
And steps into the darkness.

Be the one who asks what if
And follows up their question.

Be the one who lends a hand
Without a hesitation.

Burn the white flag; it’s not made for you.
Burn the ship; you’re not going anywhere.
Live in the moment, won’t look back and regret.
Hope for the future, a hope that never dies.

For without brave souls, where would we be?
Without this challenge, I wouldn’t be me.

Live your life,
Express your truth,
You’ll know it when you do.
Deep within a flame ignites,
There’s only one of you.

It matters, you matter;
More than you can ever know.
Don’t need to seek your destiny,
For destiny is where you go.

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