Modern Man

A COUPLE weeks ago I broke down crying
To a brother, a best friend, over FaceTime
I’d be lying
If I told him it’s all good
When he asked me how you doin’?
I needed to cry; for days I waited to call
Stepped from a precipice
Surrendered told it all;
I felt ripped up like a monster
What got me through it was the page
To mature means understanding
When we’re told that it’s our age.
Realize we all feel broken
We hold ourselves together
Looking at everyone else as if
Idols of perfection
Shining like a moon in which
This monster’s meant to howl.

My friend called me today and
He was hurting too
Now I’m doing better
I just hope to help him through;
Each of us a soul
Shattered, remnants of the spirit scattered
On the floor — iridescent and imperfect
Blazing in

What does it mean to be a man.

Masculine and feminine inspire
Our soul, wondrous mystery of
Night, clarity and warmth of day;
They marry and bleed
Into dusk and dawn
Flowing as seasons of awakening and rest
Shedding leaves as tears to be reborn as flowers
Blossoming with years
Wisdom manifest in
Dying hours.

Fear inundates our thoughts of
What we can and should and long to be;
Supposed to be — defined with opaque clarity
When all I long to be is me;
What are we made for?
What are we here for?

What of the primal may we return to
And bring into a world in need of change
Not made for few
But all.

Men, it’s time we redefine, open
Up our eyes to an earth so wide, a planet
That needs us as we need it, for we need help
And we must help by exploring
And discovering and finding where we fit.
Autumn, winter, spring, summer.
Our lives are stitched in seasons too
So think about it now:
What story will you tell one day
Of how you lived when youthful
Spring flowers bloomed?
I can’t foresee what it’ll be
But I know for sure
I’ll have my friends surrounding me.
I couldn’t do this alone.
This year’s been a proving ground
Trial by fire —
More beautiful souls than I can count
Have lifted me higher.

How do I know I’ve found a true friend.
We’ll struggle
Together —
Chasing the life we’re meant to live
Striving to get better;
We’ll smile through the battles and
Absurdity of life as we
Inch through
The darkness, for
Piercing through the cracks of
Fallen stones, ripped away with every
I love you, hug, and belly laugh
Is brilliant light of deepest meaning.

Tell your friends you love ‘em.
Ain’t no room for jealousy
No envy in my heart
An ecosystem of success
Failure can never rip us apart.
’Cause my friends are trying —
A failure’s a win to me.
One day looking back
This’ll all just be a memory.
What do we hope it’ll be —
The times we were comfortable
Or the shit that we made it through?
Friendships built to last ‘cause
In seasons of uncertainty
Growth and pain and sun and rain —
You had me and I had you.
Does it make us
Weak to show our true colors?
Our tears our pain our insecurities to others?
Or does it make me a man because there’s
Nothing left to hide
I shatter and I fall so one day soon I’ll fucking fly
With less weight on my back and something beautiful
Between us —
We know each other that much better.

What does it mean to be a man.

Not the girls that we sleep with
Or the scars on our skin
Not the money that we make or
The places that we’ve been;
Ain’t no definition
Not your race or the
Gender that you’re kissing
What our modern day is lacking what
The viral clips are missing —
Not the cars or the watches or the rhymes
‘Bout who you’re dissing
Men need purpose, love, adventure —
A reason for existing.

In our modern world of comfort
Swipe lefts and AI
Men have lost their will to live
We have lost our will to fight.
Guys need to learn how to approach and
Talk to women, how to make them feel.
Safe and seen, respected as human beings
Not a trophy to be won but a life force
Flawed and nuanced whom
If things work out, you’ll
Face the world with
For years to come.
And if it doesn’t that’s okay —
It’ll take repeated failure,
Embarrassment and pain
To find the one we’re meant to be with,
A soul who feels the same;
It’s a beautiful fucking mystery —
One we’re casting off
Into the anecdotes of history.
It’s scary — butterflies palms sweating
Many of us would rather die —
Yet that feeling when you try — it’s life —
Beating in your chest, an ancient
Emotion which overrides the rest.
You’re gonna fail.
That’s the point — guys, girls, whoever you are;
We need rejection need the pain
To feel the sun after the rain;
That’s something that we’re giving up.

It’s heartbreaking
To see men shying away from life,
A reality that hurts too much
Porn at our fingertips
Easier to cast off the potential of rejection
From a real woman’s lips.
So we stare at our screens
When beating, lonely hearts surround us
Asking to be seen.
I know how good I have it.
But our modern world of muddled thoughts
Clowns as talking heads
Leaves little room for what nobody is saying.
That men are hurting.
Men are in trouble.
It’s nobody’s fault
Women obviously know the struggle;
There’s nobody to blame.
If we’re at each other’s throats
The sexes and politicians and generations
Then the future’s down the drain.

What does it mean to be a man.
Gain a vision
Form a plan
Doesn’t matter what it is
There’s just gotta be direction
You can’t lose if you don’t quit
To have a goal’s a fucking blessing;
Go for something real
Go for something big
Doesn’t need to work out now
Yet there’s something in your heart you feel —
It withers and it dies like a flower
Ripped from the earth and what’s true,
Stimulation and distraction from
The need to cultivate the best you.

There’s no single definition
Yet there’s a through line it’s my mission
To enact it live the creed,
A fissure through our modern day
What all humans desperately need:
We’re dividing more and more
When we fucking need each other.

More connected than ever yet
We’ve never been lonelier.
We’re told to be strong, shit,
I say it often, too; but maybe
Strength’s conveyed
In how you
Share that you are hurting,
How your soul is burning;
Men, I’m talking to you.
Get out there in the world
Share your truth;
Do I know what I’m talking ‘bout?
No — I’m learning just like you.
I’m living and I’m curious and
I’m trying and I’m hurting;
Sometimes I feel so low.
Even then I’ll stumble forth.
My heart, body and soul long to understand:

What does it mean
To be a modern man.


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