Lost In Our Mundane Existence

Thank you.
For the ability to feel.
For the gift of here and now.
Often easy to forget,
But we’re in this together.
I feel it in my heart and soul.

What if we could see each other as ourselves?
Ourselves as one another.
You may not look like me, but
I see you as a brother.
We’re doing our best,
But damn, it’s easy to forget —
Lost in our mundane existence;

Mundane, the essence of the life we share
From the Latin mundanus “belonging to the world,”
“A citizen of the world,”
The flowing thread of our adventure.

Is it mundane how
I can see the moon, pink clouds,
The sun go down,
At 5pm on Wednesday?
The days are nothing but time
We’re just getting through,
But then there are these moments,
Mundane moments
Human feelings
We share,
Around the fucking world.

Our world’s too small
Not to have respect for all,
Yet it’s those we’re alike whom
We stay closest too,
Afraid to open up our hearts,
For fear that we might fall —
But I’m scared too, of what this life could be.
Aren’t we alike in the time that we’re alone,
Wondering what this life might

If there’s more than where we are.
Is that faith, or belief, trust or courage,
Giving to today in return
For a brighter future
Without a guarantee,
Yet that’s what makes it count,
The beauty of the journey.

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