Look Into the Sky and Remember

A BLANKET OF MIST unfolded into town yesterday. Water rose from the surface of the ocean and fell from the sky, turning everything grey and damp; I could see the mist falling in the darkness under the yellow streetlights. The moon’s aura was full and luminous and hazy through the drizzle, and sometimes when I would have a negative thought, I’d look into the sky and remember.

That’s something I hope I’m never ashamed to cherish or afraid to write about. We experience the wonder of the earth turning every single day. Perhaps, it makes us realize what we’re a part of. No matter what else is happening, we can stop, just for a moment, take a deep breath and maybe close our eyes, and say thank you for what we all share.

Tonight while driving down the freeway, I watched as a helicopter flew through a sea of pink clouds like a fly in a cotton candy machine. What did the world seem like from there?

These experiences, these moments, of standing in awe beneath the moon’s glow or watching with a smile as a chopper flies through utter beauty — they make me grateful to be alive.

The day is all we have. If we can marvel at the natural world just once, the rest of our life will be inspired with awe. We don’t think about watching the sunset tomorrow. This is it.

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man,

said the Greek poet Heraclitus.

How many times have you seen the sun set? When walking through a city and catching the final rays of light vanish behind a building, the streets become purple and cold as they darken.

The sun disappears to rise far away, and then you’re in the darkness, and you’re alone but you’re happy as you watch your breath escaping and listen to your boots clack on stone, because you just experienced something like magic, and somebody else experienced something similar yet felt something totally different within themselves, somebody on the next street looking out of their window or perhaps millions and millions of miles away in the middle of the ocean, and you realize that this conflation of an inner and an outer world has occurred for billions of people, and actually what we feel inside isn’t so different, yet we’re afraid to embrace that erupting energy called love, or challenge it, or use it, or question it, or accept it, and just having that thought reignites your admiration for life, because that is life, and that’s all it can ever be.

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