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For the past four years of writing on Medium, it’s felt like I’ve been climbing a mountain slowly but surely with not much more than the voice in my head as my lone companion.

Along the way I’d see another climber in the distance, we’d wave and both continue the uphill slog — HOW YOU HOLDIN’ UP FRIEND?

Perhaps I thought that writing must be a solo endeavor; in a way it is — when words appear where they weren’t before, when thoughts take on a heartbeat, it’s just you pushing the keys.

But what creates the life behind the words? What inspires?

Maybe there’s something romantic about the idea of the mysterious solo artist (I definitely contemplate the thought), but in our technology-driven age we have to think bigger.

We must consider what this really could be.

If we want to succeed, grow, and get the best out of each other in this new era we’re laying the foundation for, we have to work together.

There’s simply too much to learn, too much beauty, and too much opportunity to be had from building each other up and acting like a team — a team of individuals where no role is lesser than another.

And why the hell shouldn’t we?

I’ve been thinking about what I want the Coffee Times inspiration column to represent; at the least, I want it to be a welcoming home for the generous. For the brave, the encouraging, the human.

Because inspiration doesn’t come in a concise one-size-fits all listicle.

It comes from the depths of who we are as people — our struggles and our pain and our moments of elation, the simple everyday experiences which take our breath away and the lessons we learn on this unfathomable ride.

Inspiration comes from anywhere if we’re willing to dig deep. If we take the chance to look around. If we open our hearts to ask for help and give, as much as we possibly can.

Love is abundant, and it’s what the world needs. We mustn’t hold it back.

Now, it feels like I’ve embarked on a new path which still takes me to the top of the mountain. However, there are other travelers on their way up too, who want to help!

There’s room for all of us on this journey.

Others who will make the experience more enjoyable with meaningful conversation, and who will lend some hot tea when a spirit’s in need.

The spirit of Coffee Times serves as a shining example of what social media and writing online can blossom into being, if we allow it to. If we cultivate it. So that’s what I hope to do.

I as much as anyone need to take this lesson to heart: We’re here to be of service, to build each other up, and to never stop creating.

We are here to grow together.

So what will this column become?

Anything we want it to be, as long we’re moving forward together.

Stories from our talented writers

I’d like to share some stories, insights, and ideas from the inspiring humans who have made me see the world a bit differently as of late.

  1. The following story by Esther George is poetic and absolutely beautiful, a reminder that breaking doesn’t mean we’re broken. Esther writes:

“I thank you for breaking me. By doing so, I discovered how strong I truly am. I quit blaming myself because I recognized even though I’m not good enough for you, I am inherently and assuredly good enough for myself.”

Stop Fighting, Instead Learn To Dance In The Storm

2. I absolutely love the message behind this next story by Vanessa Sanchez. This story is powerful — its message is one that all of us should paste above our door in bold letters and SLAP every time we walk by as if heading out of the tunnel onto the field: DO THE WORK FOR YOU. Why else?

How To Keep Going When No-one Is Rooting For You

3. “Why float when I want to learn to surf?” writes Shabnam Ferdowsi in this meaningful story.

We’ve all asked ourselves the question: Am I just floating through life when I know I want to get on the board and fucking go?? Am I letting life move me, instead of moving life?

I know I ask myself this pretty much everyday. 🙂 Let this piece give you a gentle nudge, or a much needed SHAKE.

Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

4. This following article by Toyin Zuleiha is just what the doctor ordered for the Coffee Times inspiration column.

Perhaps there’s a stigma around writing inspirational content — that it’s fake, fluffy, flowery, whatever. Toyin discusses why these stigmas hold us back, and why we need to build each other up with our successes, our fire, our light.

The world needs all the light we have to give, and Toyin gives us a reason to share it. Wonderful piece.

Here Is Why We Need More Inspiration on The Internet!

5. This last story had me smiling the entire time, with witty dialogue and a heartfelt message.

Scot Butwell shows us through his experience how teaching somebody else what’s second-nature to us can be not only fun, but life-changing for that person.

If we’re willing to share who we are, what we love, and what makes us us, we could impact the life of another human being in ways we could never imagine.

You Don’t Have To Be Great To Teach Someone Else Something You Know

These are just a handful of the incredible stories pouring into the Coffee Times mug!

— What’s inspiring you in this moment to see life anew?

— What’s inspiring you to be nothing but you?

❤️‍🔥 Moving forward, I’ll be introducing prompts to get your spirit firing, and as always, I’ll be writing about what’s inspiring me at the moment!

🍂 Write about what’s exciting you, and please tag with inspiration and coffee times movement to be featured in the inspiration column.

📸 Each week I will feature 3 Editor’s picks at the top of inspiration page which will also be shared across Coffee Times social media sites.

✌🏻 If you are not yet a writer for Coffee Time, you can do so 👉 here.

Cheers to the journey ahead, fam! 💙

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